We do not have medical insurance. We cannot be responsible for any medical expenses you may incur. We demand strict compliance of all our safety rules. You will find our safety rules posted in our lobby, inside our building, and on our web site. Please have fun, but remember: YOU ASSUME THE RISK THAT ACCIDENTS DO OCCUR WHEN GROUPS OF PEOPLE ROLLER SKATE TOGETHER. PLEASE SKATE CAUTIOUSLY AND CAREFULLY BECAUSE THE ACTIVITY OF ROLLER SKATING INCLUDES FALLING. IT IS THE PARTY SPONSORS RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM PARTICIPANTS OF THE TERMS CONTAINED IN THIS PARAGRAPH
Dress Code area:

Dress Code is for anyone entering the building.
Shirts must cover the shoulders and midriffs.
No low-cut front or back, large arm hole openings,
or see-through. Short-shorts not allowed.
Socks must be worn with rental skates.

Example not allowed:

(string tops or less and other listed above)

Roller World is not responsible for accidents or lost or stolen personal belongings. Please use the pay lockers for the safety of your items.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Rules and Regulations

Roller World has many rules and regulation. Please understand that they are all designed for your safety as well as those around you. It is very important for parents to know that your kids will be in a safe environment!

  • Dress: Neatness and cleanliness should be consistent with the quality of facility we offer. Roller World reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone based on dress we feel is not appropriate. (Refer to the "Dress Code" section for a detailed list.)
  • No alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco or gum is permitted.
  • No foul language or disrupted behavior will be permitted.
  • No in and out privileges unless you are a parent. Once you pay to enter a skating session you must remain in the building until it is time for you to leave. If you are under 18 years of age, you are required to pay admission. You are also required to pay extra for roller blade rental.  Regular skates are included in the admission price.
  • There is no speed skating allowed at any time, if you are passing more skaters than are passing you, you are skating too fast and must slow down.
  • There is no chase, trains, or other horseplay allowed at anytime, skaters doing so will be asked to leave the skating floor.
  • Please skate completely around that black center traffic circle. Please do not skate in the middle, or skate across the center of the floor unless it is a "special" designed for that purpose. The center of the floor is for floor guards only.
  • All skaters must skate in the all skating direction, except during the reverse skate.
  • During "special effects lighting" skates, if you do not feel comfortable skating in minimal lighting, please stay off the skate floor until the regular white lights are turned on again.
  • Do not skate too close to the skaters in front of you.  If they fall, you need space to avoid falling with them. 
  • If you purchase food or drinks from the snack bar area, please keep them in the snack bar area. Do not take any food or drinks on any carpeted floor or on the skating floor.
  • Please do NOT sit on the walls, climb over the walls or stand along the walls at anytime, you must keep skating while you are on the skating floor.
  • Please keep a proper lookout when coming on or off the skating floor, and please do not block the skating floor exits.
  • Please do not touch the emergency handles on the fire exit doors; this will cause the doors to open.
  • Parents and adults, if you have skates on your feet, please do not pick anyone up, if you were to fall, you could land on top of the child that you were carrying.
  • This is a skating rink and you need to have skates on your feet to come onto the skating floor. No exceptions.
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